About Sucre

French influenced pâtissier that takes the very best of classic
French baking and translate them into modern & creative composition of sweet indulgences.
{ Based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia }


Our uniquely designed recipes will take the five human senses to another level.

With the finest and selected ingredients that were delicately handcrafted, our cakes and pastries are excellent for special occasion or as a perfect treat
for a special person.

Our pastry chef and founder were trained in the time-honored techniques of the great French pâtissiers at the Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney Australia.

The selection of our sophisticated and classic cakes and pastries from SUCRÉ will satisfy more than your palate,

it is a wholesome sensory experience that starts from the exotic looking gateaux to the last bite of satisfying sweet indulgence.

To be the first choice of our customers in providing the highest level of products and services satisfaction. 

To produce first-class quality French style baked and chilled goods and market them around the world.